Vogvhathos - Development Log

Last updated: 1/31/2020

Powerful and sexy, this dragon is now bound to you in magical servitude.
Can you survive, or will the dragon's curse destroy you both?

What is Vogvhathos?

Vogvhathos is an epic fantasy text game. It is based in the same universe as The Dust of the Violet Crystals, a short story prototype by Corvaena Games, LLC.


You are an elf of unknown lineage living in a remote tower with your best friend, Gruzi, in the mercenary town of Kirkvir. As a mage, Gruzi was in danger of being snatched up for a forced marriage by the Council. To protect him you agreed to a false marriage, claiming you are his voifoten - soulmate- to any who ask.

Rejected by the city as a 'dropoff' in spite of your athleticism, you spend most of your free time watching the official trainees. After sparring with the Weapon Master Lubien he pulls you aside and admits your worst nightmare: The Council has discovered the truth about yourself and Gruzi.

So begins your panicked flight from the city and eventual discovery of a secret sealed deep in an ancient ruin.



An acrobatic elven 'dropoff' who longs to leave the city and experience mercenary life. You know this to be impossible, however, as the city refuses to Sign anyone with unknown lineage. (Choose male or female, no image.)


Gruzi is your best friend and technically your husband, although the marriage was only to keep him safe from the Council and your relationship is purely platonic.


Discovered sealed deep in buried desert ruins this individual claims to be a dragon. They tell you the power crystal you just absorbed is their own, and that you command the majority of their power. (male or female, player choice)


As Weapon Master of Kirkvir Lubien holds a seat on the Council as well as trains all of the new mercenaries. Due to his high status and handsome features, he is the most sought after bachelor in the city.


A rogue mercenary from Kirkvir, Rinagi has an intense hatred for the city and its politics. Born and raised there, however, he still uses his trained skills for their benefit... but only as an occasional assassin when they agree to his terms.


An elf from distant past, her story is an optional addition that is unlocked in segments as the story progresses. What connection does she have to current events?